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Educação / 19/11/2020


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Always valued close and personalized contact with beneficiaries and, at that moment, it couldn't be different. We continue to follow our protagonists closely, even if using other tools that allow us to meet at a distance. So at the beginning of this emergency, we created the hashtag # JUNTOSÀDISTANCE because also through our blogs we want to answer the demands of our followers. This is how, through a thorough and detailed analysis of the data on our website, we perceive the interest of readers to talk about a crucial topic that is the education of children in times of pandemic.

Speech therapist, pedagogue and psychopedagogue Gleidis Roberta Guerra, details in the text below how to create an orderly and healthy routine in this normal other.

In times of social isolation and closed schools, our children are at home, and parents often do not know what to do to entertain them.

We need to remember that the child is a developing being, and that his development is very fast at this stage. For her, everything is new, everything is experience. Participating in the daily activities of the house can already be a great joke. It needs movement, to be active, not passive in front of a screen.

Many schools are sending assignments to be developed at home and teaching online, so it is important to establish a study routine and pay attention to the following tips:

Class location

Quiet, bright place;

No noise interference;

If possible, always use the same location.

Study time and routine

Maintain a programmed routine for studies;

Whenever necessary, give the child a break;

Schedule the times when you will carry out the activities for home;

Also have time for games;

Let the child express himself in relation to the new routine, adapting as possible.

Maintaining attention

If, even with care, the child has difficulty maintaining attention and focus in class, observing the moments of greatest tiredness and letting him get up, go to the bathroom or drink some water, so that when he returns his attention he is focused again.

Home time and routine

Maintain the feeding routine;

The time to sleep and get up should be the same as before;

Always take off your pajamas;

Try to be as close as possible to what it was before the pandemic;

Talk to the child about the parents' routine in case of home office.

The child

Do not demand the child more than he can give at that moment;

Trying to understand that the change in routine is also difficult for her;

Strengthen interaction with colleagues, remotely, during class and at other times;

Understand her feelings and difficulties, talk to her about it;

Focus on the quality of what it does, not on productivity.

General Tips

Physical activities before moments that require attention help to increase focus;

Daily housework and small responsibilities can help you feel more secure and helpful;

Control the time spent in electronic games, encourage other types of games;

Keep the classroom and study environment organized;

Don't feel guilty for not doing everything. Do what is possible.

But in this routine, including play is essential.

I usually say that playing is natural for the child, everything for him can become a game, and he learns while playing, plays learning. Thus, the more playful the activities, the greater the fun and learning.

You have to have time for everything, but rescuing some childhood games parents, or even grandparents, can bring fun and joy to adults and children:


Making toys out of scrap metal,

Spinning Top,

To dance,

Tell stories,

Watch a movie together and talk about the movie,

Board games that involve the family.

Anyway, carrying out everyday activities in the house, in a playful way, is a way for everyone to have fun.

When all this is over (and it will be over), we adults will remember a situation of complete chaos, in health and in the economy, but in the memory of children will be family meals, stories heard, games and moments when everyone were together.

So, more than scheduled obligations and activities, be together, cultivate good memories in your child.

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