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Notícias Nacionais / 24/06/2021


Young girtl who got a corneal transplant thanks and moves web

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Young girl who got a corneal transplant thanks and moves web

An exciting post of gratitude on social media. A young Brazilian woman who managed to undergo a corneal transplant regained her sight and posted a photo of her eye to thank the donor.

Danielle Nunes Soares' post had over 2 million views on LinkedIn. She is a banker, lives in Mauá da Serra, Paraná and told in an interview to Só Notícia Boa that she needed a transplant because she has keratoconus and could hardly see anymore.

“I am 25 years old. I had to resort to transplantation because I have a disease called keratoconus, I found out when I was 17 years old, in an advanced stage, I underwent surgery to implant a Ferrara ring in both eyes, but I had no improvement. After a few years and changing doctors, I got in line, and was called for a transplant. I saw little, less than 10%”, said the young woman in an interview with Só NotíciaBoa.

See the thanks she made on Instagram:

“On 6/16/21 you closed your eyes forever, on 6/18/21 I received your cornea to see again. I don't know who you were, I don't know what your name was, I don't know your gender or your color or your religion, I don't know what your age was, I don't know if you were happy or not, I don't know what took you here , but I'm sure of one thing, you were a good and generous person when you left your organs to help other people”.

And, moved, Danielle made a promise:

“Today, you are no longer here, but you live through me, and I will do everything so that my eyes only see the Good.

Thankfully, she said the transplant was a birthday present:

“I lift my thoughts to heaven, and ask you to be at peace ver you are. His death was not in vain. Gratitude for the gift you gave me close to my birthday, and also for the good it did to the lives of other people who benefited your other organs. Thank you”, wrote the young woman.

2 million views

Danielle didn't believe with the post's repercussion on social media.

“I posted on all my social networks, and decided to include it on LinkedIn as well. There it went viral, more than 2 million views, I'm stagnant so far, but very happy. I received millions of messages, stories, thanks. I feel embraced with so much affection and because I know that in some way, my testimony has changed the thinking of many about organ donation”, said the young woman to SNB.


We've posted Danielle's photo and text on Só Notícia Boa's Instagram. Many people were also moved:

“Wow! What a beautiful thing. My heart was filled with love. May more people be as grateful as she is, and may more people donate life," wrote a follower

“Now my beautiful, you will see life through an Angel. Live happily and may your path be always illuminated”, commented another.

“I went through this TB. Gratitude always. Be a donor,” said another follower.

More than beautiful, Danielle's testimony shows the importance of organ donation and how it can

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